Aerial Rapid Insertion/Extraction System

Vita is developing a dual-use solution for The Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial operators to conduct fixed-wing insertion and extraction of personnel or supplies without putting people or cargo at risk. Vita uses its core stabilization technology to make the long-line loiter technique an effective capability for long-range insertion and extraction from remote, confined, or contested areas.

Vita ARIES is self-contained with roll-on-roll-off capability, eliminating the need for modifications to the aircraft. The system simplifies extraction procedures, reduces time at the pickup or drop-off point, and minimizes risk to the aircrew by allowing them to remain outside of small arms fire range. Utilizing the long-line loiter method, the system overcomes the yo-yo effect and gives operators precision control of the delivery or extraction.

Glimpse the Future of Fixed Wing Recovery

Precision Means Possibility

Vita’s Load Stability System™ technology ensures precision placement into a 25-square-foot area on the ground (or smaller). Following legacy programs like the “Sky Hook Program,” also known as the Fulton Recovery System, the Vita ARIES capability evolves decades of research and development into a fieldable solution that can precisely insert and extract personnel and supplies.

Critical Mission Use Cases

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Personnel Infill and Exfiltration 
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Aircrew Recovery
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Extraction of high-value intelligence material
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Delivery and Extraction of critical equipment and material
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