Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Introducing Mark Reagan – Vita Industrial’s Newest Construction Advisory Board Member!

Mark Reagan, former Chairman of the US Construction Practice at Marsh, has recently joined Vita’s Construction Advisory Board. With 53 years of experience in construction risks and insurance, Mark is widely recognized as one of the leading construction insurance and surety executives in the nation. Mark started his career at Seaboard Surety Company and later worked for AIG, where he was responsible for developing worldwide surety and fidelity bonds. He has also served as Chairman and CEO of a major global broker’s construction practice. Mark is known for his innovative thinking and has been instrumental in developing new insurance products like Subguard and Crimeguard. Mark has made significant contributions to the insurance industry, which earned him a place in the 2017 edition of Insurance Business America's Hall of Fame report. Additionally, he was honored with the Golden Beaver Award in January 2018 for his service to the Heavy Construction Industry.
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Vita Inclinata

Introducing Mark Reagan – Vita Industrial’s Newest Construction Advisory Board Member!


n this Q&A, Mark discusses his inspiration for joining Vita, emphasizing the company's innovative technology for safer and more efficient construction practices. Reagan also explores the evolving landscape of construction insurance, emphasizing the need for aligning incentives with safety and efficiency practices. He addresses the impact of regulatory environments on the industry, advocating for more thorough scrutiny to improve safety standards. Reagan envisions a future where insurance becomes integral to construction risk management, with Vita's technology potentially leading to substantial savings for clients. He concludes by highlighting Vita's potential to enhance safety, save time, and become a preferred choice in the construction industry.

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February 13, 2024
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