Saturday, July 17, 2021

Two Black Hawks, Head to Head: Legacy System vs. Vita Rescue System

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Vita Inclinata

Two Black Hawks, Head to Head: Legacy System vs. Vita Rescue System


e’ve told you that the Vita Rescue System makes helicopter rescues faster, safer, more precise, and more efficient.  But we haven’t been able to show you the two systems head-to-head in action so that you could see for yourselves.

Until Now.

As part of our program to get Soldier Touchpoints (feedback) on the Vita Rescue System – Litter Attachment, we traveled to Helena, Montana, to work with the fantastic crews of the Montana Army National Guard (ARNG), 189th GSAB. They were definitely skeptical.  But they are pros, and agreed to test the systems head-to-head: One HH-60 Black Hawk flying the legacy system with a ground crew and taglines; one HH-60 Black Hawk with the Vita Rescue System.

We were excited: we’ve brought our systems to National Guard units across the country, incorporating flight crews’ feedback every time and improving performance along the way.  We were confident that the Vita Rescue System would do what we say it does, and then some.

But we’d never tested our system in direct competition with legacy systems.  This was our chance, too, to see the systems in simulated rescue conditions with A++ crews who weren’t holding back.

Challenge accepted.

Can the Vita Rescue System do dynamic hoists at speed?  Do we actually reduce exposure time for aircraft?  And does the system truly give flight crews complete control that results in faster, safer, more precise and more efficient rescues?  The results exceeded even our own expectations.

Check out the video above. And feel free to share.

We’ve said it before, and we will say it yet again: Massive thanks to the Montana National Guard base in Helena for their amazing crews and cooperation, their professionalism, and for being, all around 100% a class act and a pleasure to work with.  We are honored and humbled to have tested our system with you.

July 17, 2021
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