Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Vita Inclinata Technologies Closes $44M Round

Despite a Brutal Year for Startups, Technology Firm Succeeds to Raise a Large Sum of Capital in 2023
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Vita Inclinata

Vita Inclinata Technologies Closes $44M Round


roomfield, CO (January 3, 2024) – Vita Inclinata Technologies, an innovator in intelligent lifting hardware and software for rescue crews and other field safety applications, announced today that it secured $44 million in funding from 3&1 Fund, a global leader in IP (Intellectual Property) based financing solutions. Utilizing a debt structure, 3&1 Fund provided a compelling alternative to traditional equity-based Venture Capital financing which will boost Vita Inclinata Technologies' expansion initiatives.

According to Caleb Carr, President and CEO of Vita Inclinata Technologies, “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with 3&1 Fund to execute a transformative debt raise for the business. The 3&1 team is honest, direct, and willing to get creative to execute the best of business strategies. With 3&1 by our side, Vita is in a place to execute against our catalysts for significant growth.”

In the midst of a challenging year for startups, marked by limited funding, technology companies integrating software with tangible hardware and products have found a ray of hope in securing continued financial support. Vita Inclinata Technologies recently finalized an investment that allows the company to maintain operational control and preserve future earnings. This funding arrangement also taps into the strength of the company's intellectual property, enabling them to secure the necessary mid-stage funds.

According to Brian Mosbey, Founder and President of 3&1 Fund, “We are looking to create a stable financial foundation in every deal we facilitate, not only for the innovator but also for the insurer and lender. We are committed to successful financial outcomes for all parties involved.” Mosbey added, “With their vision of using innovation to save lives, and the proven technologies they have developed to do just that, Vita Inclinata is exactly the kind of client 3&1 Fund is actively seeking.”

“As we continue to actively pursue strategic opportunities, both organically and inorganically, to grow our mission globally, we are encouraged by innovative financial partners who believe in and support high-growth businesses” concluded Carr.  


About Vita Inclinata Technologies

Vita Inclinata Technologies is creating a safety ecosystem of advanced technology, products, and training. Our intelligent lifting solutions provide precision control of loads which significantly enhances the efficiency, capability, and safety of Search and Rescue hoist and industrial lifting operations. Visit

About 3&1 Fund

3&1 Fund is the first mover in the untapped global market of lending on Intellectual Property (IP). Founded by Brian Mosbey, the global expert on IP funding, 3&1 Fund cultivates financing solutions for each client with consideration to the varied nature and complexities of intellectual property. 3&1 Fund seeks clients who want to retain ownership of their entities and are committed to meaningful change through innovation. Prospective partners will have a portfolio of valuable, unencumbered IP and a minimum of $5 million in annual revenues, The target client seeks $20 million to $150 million in funding.

For more information about Vita Inclinata Technologies, please contact Lyssa Surface

January 3, 2024
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