Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Welcoming the New Congress and Focusing Opportunities Ahead

Welcoming a new Congress after the midterms will bring a renewed focus on emerging innovations and technologies.
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Vita Inclinata

Welcoming the New Congress and Focusing Opportunities Ahead


he changing of the year means different things for different people. New Year’s Resolutions, reconnecting with old friends, and for some people, ringing in a new Congress. Every two years after each election cycle, a new class of Members are welcomed into Washington, DC. Bright-eyed and right off the campaign trail, Member Elects meet their new colleagues for the first time...think Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Member-elects also are meeting others from inside the Beltway that will help guide them in the next two years.  

 A new year also means an opportunity to get back to work and get meaningful legislation passed. With a wave of new members on both sides of the aisle, that excitement can be channeled into supporting fresh ideas. With the Small Business Innovation Research Fund (SBIR) Program reauthorized for 2023 and Congress taking up the “Farm Bill,” which authorizes funding the Department of Agriculture for the next four years there are countless opportunities to support the next generation of technology and innovation.

"There’s been a lot of talk about potential gridlock in the next Congress.” said Jenette Morell, Vita’s Director of Government Relations. “A good way to bring people from both sides of the aisle is to make things a constituent issue, not just a policy issue."

The Farm Bill reauthorization process will include multiple House and Senate committee hearings that will serve to inform legislators’ decision-making on issues as diverse as food stamps, sustainable agriculture, and technological investments. Vita Inclinata, along with other U.S. industry leaders, will be listening closely not only to gauge the direction of the bill but also to see if congress can come together to pass meaningful and important legislation.

As Vita’s Director of Government Relations, Jenette has been working with members of both parties to find common sense initiatives that are a win-win.  "Innovation and emerging technology are so much more than just buzzwords. New ideas, whether it’s hardware or software, mean jobs. It means expanding job training. it means higher wages when inflation is on people's minds. That’s something both parties need to rally behind and support."

Investing in technological innovation means more people mastering higher-level skills and gaining jobs. We hope that Congress will work closely with industry to lead this country boldly into a better tomorrow. Congress, industry, and the American people must work together to enable groundbreaking technological advancements which will ensure America will continue to be a world leader in innovation.

November 29, 2022
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