Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Major General (Ret.) Garry Dean, Us Air Force, Joins Vita Inclinata As Senior Advisor, National Guard And Reserve Affairs

Expertise in Complex Operations as former Director of the National Guard Bureau Joint Staff, Continental NORAD Region Commander, USAF Disaster Response, Deputy Chief of Staff for NATO Joint Forces Command, as well as industry and commercial operations
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Major General (Ret.) Garry Dean, Us Air Force, Joins Vita Inclinata As Senior Advisor, National Guard And Reserve Affairs


ROOMFIELD, COLORADO — Major General (Ret.) Garry Dean, US Air Force, has joined Vita Inclinata Technologies as a Senior Advisor, the company announced today, bringing his extensive background in National Guard and Reserve affairs, and aviation safety excellence to Vita’s mission of “bring everyone home… every time.”

General Dean transitioned from the service in 2015, retiring as Director of the National Guard Bureau Joint Staff in the Pentagon, where he supported Army and Air National Guard policy, missions and operations in the 54 US states, territories, and the District of Columbia.

His storied 30+ year career spanned early assignments as an F-15 Fighter Pilot, and later Commander Air Forces NORTHERN (AFNORTH) and NORAD, NATO Joint Forces, US Disaster Relief, and more. He has since focused on helping both civilian- and military-facing companies with planning, execution, new technology integration, and risk management of complex US and multinational air and ground operations.

Vita Inclinata CEO Caleb Carr announced the appointment, saying, “That we are honored to be guided by General Dean is an understatement. He has directed, commanded, or controlled large complex operations, from the squadron level up through the numbered Air Force level, along with overseeing and directing aviation safety priorities of multinational flight operations. His vast experience leading, directing, and managing aviation safety goals will be invaluable as Vita navigates the path to getting our common-sense, life-saving technology to all who need it.”

General Dean emphasized aviation safety as an essential part of combat readiness. That key principle was tested across his command in deployments, as well as directing and supporting US Air Force disaster relief missions, including the 2010 Haitian earthquake followed shortly by the Deep Water Horizon Oil spill.

The genesis of Vita Inclinata came when Carr was a young search and rescue tech. His friend and mentor suffered cardiac arrest during a training mission, but the helicopter sent to rescue them was unable to lower the hoist rescue litter due to the challenging terrain, high winds, and rotorwash. Dean noted that from over 25 years living and operating in the Pacific Northwest, his shared understanding of the challenges faced by rescuers in hazardous conditions figured in his decision to join the company as an Advisor.

“Caleb’s story resonated with me, especially as a former Oregon National Guard aviator and leader. I’m glad to be part of helping to write a better ending for others, keeping rescuers safe along with the rescued. As a former Chief of Safety experienced in accident investigation and analysis, I am well aware that behind most statistics are human lives that could have been saved— so I’m excited to help Vita get their new technologies to operators across the US military to get the job done safer, faster, and more precisely,” Dean said.

“That’s what Vita is doing, relentlessly executing on a flight plan to solve the real problem of chaotic motion. The vision, the hard work of the engineering team to bring precision and safety… it has endless possibilities, and I want to match the team’s energy and excellence and bring the best advice I can to keep us on a good flight plan,” he added.

About Vita Inclinata
A friend’s death during a rescue operation—with a helicopter close but unable to stabilize due to weather and terrain—was the genesis of Vita Inclinata. Founded in 2015 as a way to solve a real problem, Vita today controls chaotic swinging and spin, and adds precision for rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft and cranes. With the mission of “Bring them home, every time,” Vita’s technology changes the narrative while saving lives, time and money across industries, including search and rescue, military, firefighting, public safety, construction, wind energy, and oil and gas. The company is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, with offices in Washington, DC, and new offices opening in 2021 in Huntsville, Alabama.

June 9, 2021
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